Silas is back!

Welcome Wrangler Nation!

Silas has exciting news!  After being on hiatus for his new book, The Life of Silas, we have tour dates to announce! We know it has been a long year off for Silas and to make it up to Wrangler Nation we are doing a special VIP event before every show! These VIP events will be very limited seating and interactive.  Have you always wondered what it takes to be a good comedian, or have you wanted to get into comedy yourself?  If you answered yes, then book your ticket to the VIP event now!  Silas will be giving advice and sharing some of his trade secrets to help you out!  Along with this, Silas will be debuting a new, VIP exclusive, routine.   All VIP shows will include a Q&A session, Meet and Greet, limited edition merchandise, photo ops, and a chance to win a signed copy of The Life of Silas!  A more detailed schedule will be posted soon, but here is a preview:

2017 Tour Dates

March – San Diego, CA and Los Angeles, CA

April –  Two shows in Las Vegas, NV

May – Dallas, TX and Austin, TX

June – Two shows in New York City, NY

July – Pittsburg, PA and Philadelphia, PA

September – Two shows in Atlanta, GA

Each show will have a VIP event right before regular show times.  Tickets go on sale February 2017.


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